International & Regional Representative Players


WWF Year 6 was the age WF stepped up a level and international WF started.

The 1st IWFF World Cup was held at Leyton Orient FC on June 1st/2nd 2019 and Australians Ken Lewis and Mark Blythe were selected, admittedly on availability rather than ability, but who cares!

In the 60+ category The Aussies came 3rd/5 and won the Most Sporting Country category – Champions of the World! Ken Captained his country against Wales and Mark against Spain with Scotland’s Steve Archibald (yes really) the Spanish Captain?

In the 50s the next day the small older Aussie squad struggled coming 13th/16 Mark scoring in a 1-0 win over Portugal. At the World Cup our Ladies played a demo match for Chelsea against West Ham and won 2-0 with 2 cracking goals from Sue Thearle.




Our first England International (WFA) was Keith Harris for the 70+ playing in the rain at Guernsey on Friday 1 November in a 2-1 win.

The next day (2.11.19) six of our ladies played in the first ever Women’s IWFF International Match for England v Wales at Merthyr Tydfil. Vice-Captain Carolyn Kelly led the 50s to a 3-1 win alongside Helen Attwell, Sharon Meek and Laura Strong, Laura and Sharon scoring. Stepping in due to Sue Thearle’s injury, Mark Blythe was our first ever England Manager, a 100% record! In the 40s Dawn Richards played alongside Helen Stevens who scored in a convincing 7-1 win.

Sadly the Corona Virus postponed the Ladies playing in Sweden and the World Cup in Majorca and Bill Oldham making his debut for England 75s, hopefully the games will be reorganised soon.


Regional Representatives


We have had 8 Regional Reps so far for WFA teams:

Andy Litchfield 50+ South East England
Glenn Mitchell 60+ South East England
Tony Proud 70+ South East England
David Pooley 70+ South East England
Keith Harris 70+ South East England
Howard Condor 70+ South East England
Bill Oldham 75+ South England
Richard Shelley 75+ South England


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Internationals & Regional Representaives


01.06.2019   Ken Lewis (Australia – IWFF World Cup 60+ 3rd)      
01.06.2019   Mark Blythe (Australia – IWFF World Cup 60+ 3rd)
02.06.2019   Ken Lewis (Australia – IWFF World Cup 50+ 13th)
02.06.2019   Mark Blythe (Australia – IWFF World Cup 50+ 13th 1goal)
01.11.2019   Keith Harris (England v Guernsey 70+ 2-1)
02.11.2019   Carolyn Kelly (Vice-Captain England v Wales 50+ 3-1)
02.11.2019   Helen Attwell (England v Wales 50+ 3-1)
02.11.2019   Laura Strong (England v Wales 50+ 3-1, 1goal)
02.11.2019   Sharon Meek (England v Wales 50+ 3-1, 1goal)
02.11.2019   Mark Blythe (Manager England Women v Wales 50+ 3-1)
02.11.2019   Dawn Richards (England v Wales 40+ 7-1)
02.11.2019   Helen Stevens (England v Wales 40+ 7-1, 1goal)
2019             Andy Litchfield (South East England 50+)
2019             Glenn Mitchell (South East England 60+)
2019             Tony Proud (South East England 70+)
2019             David Pooley (South East England 70+)
2019             Keith Harris (South East England 70+)
2019             Howard Condor (South East England 70+)
2020             Bill Oldham (South England 75+)
2020             Richard Shelley (South England 75+)
23.08.2020  Ray Smith (England v Rep Ireland 70+, 0-2)
2020             Dawn Richards (England v Sweden & Poland 40+, 0-3, 0-1)
2020             Julie Cartmell (England v Sweden & Poland 40+, 0-3, 0-1)


WWF Players Player Of The Season


2020 Ken Grunbaum & Helen Attwell
2019 Bill Oldham & Sheila Richards
2018 Geoff Everest
2017 Kevin Wood